Associate Professor Michele Grimbaldeston

Associate Professor Michele Grimbaldeston is the Head of the Mast Cell Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology, Adelaide. Her research extends from basic discovery in mouse models through to drug development for clinical settings. She has a long-standing career as a mast cell biologist with recognition internationally for her seminal contributions in the field. Mast cells are specialised immune cells resident in tissues and have primarily gained notoriety as the drivers of excessive inflammation associated with debilitating and life-threatening maladies including allergy, anaphylaxis, stroke and cancer. Importantly, her work has led to a paradigm shift and shown that far from their unrestrained pro-inflammatory exertions, mast cells provide essential anti-inflammatory functions in certain settings of acquired and innate immunity. This has opened up a new area of mast cell-dependent immunoregulation enabling her research team in partnership with biotech companies to investigate novel therapeutic strategies to modulate the immune system and improve human health.