Professor Steve Turner

Professor Stephen Turner is currently a NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and Chair, Department of Microbiology, Monash University. He was awarded his PhD in Viral Immunology from Monash University in 1997. He completed postdoctoral training with Dr Janet Ruby (University of Melbourne) studying pox viral pathogenesis, and then with Nobel Laureate, Professor Peter Doherty (St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA) studying influenza virus-specific T cell immunity. He returned to the University of Melbourne in 2002, was awarded an NHMRC RD Wright Fellowship in 2005 establishing his own research group. He was awarded a Pfizer Australia Senior Research Fellowship in 2007, an ARC Future Fellowship in 2012, and is currently CIA on an NHMRC program grant that focuses on T cell immunity to influenza.  His research interests utilize a combination of structural biology, genomics, systems biology, recombinant viral technology and cellular immunology to examine molecular factors that impact T cell responses to virus infection.